Thanks for visiting “Look At Me Being Serious.” The purpose of this website is to document silly behavior and ridicule those who do not have a sense of humor.

We also have some partner websites that you might be interested in visiting as well. These websites have absolutely nothing to do with a lack of humor, by the way. They are just commercial websites that we think are great and worthy of promotion.

1) PS3 Troubleshooting – A great website for those who are having problems with their PlayStation 3 and want to get back to their games quickly. If you don’t have a sense of humor, at least you might have the ability to be good at games (we sincerely hope). Taking silly stuff seriously is actually a prerequisite for many games – so you should find what you need here if your PS3 is broken!

2) Carpet Shampooer Reviews – Did you spill some of your energy soda on the carpet while playing your PlayStation 3? If so, a regular vacuum just isn’t going to cut it – you’ll need to shampoo your rug. Check out the reviews here of some top models, including our favorite: the “Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine“. Kind of a silly name for a rug shampooer, we know, but really the best model out there.

OK – thanks for reading our “about” page. What kind of weirdo are you anyway? OK, now go back to the main page and enjoy the main show once again. You know you love it – and remember, do not try to be this guy!